Dressing Well During the Quarantine

Dressing comfortably while looking stylish is always a challenge, but that challenge has never been more present than during the self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. The difficulty and key to patience is consistency, and having a stable routine is paramount in achieving a level head during the quarantine. For me, getting dressed is as important as anything else in setting a schedule.

Save the sweats for sleep.

Step 1: Ditch the Sweats

Sweatpants are the bastion of comfort, but it’s important to ditch the sleepwear for your regular wardrobe when productivity is the goal. In the same way a dedicated space can help with creative endeavors, a dedicated work wardrobe is just as important.

Light shirt jackets are key.

Step 2: Try Adding Workwear Elements

Whether it’s mechanics, officers, deliverymen, etc, for centuries menswear has been not just suit and tie but worn-in workwear for the blue-collar man. These uniforms were worn frequently, and relied on mobility, durability and of course comfort to get the job done. Turning to these elements, like the vintage shirt jacket pictured above are an easy way to look presentable while still having the feel of sleepwear. Likewise the high-waisted chino pant, vintage-esque from RRL, allows for mobility with the right weight.

When all else fails, opt for a pant with stretch and sneakers.


Step 3: Get Dress Pants with Stretch

Whether it’s a suiting option or a chino, think about the type of stretch. Like these easy bottoms from Theory, I’m ready for a board meeting or a yoga livestream.




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